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A SERP is a retirement plan that usually targets a percentage of final salary for a Credit Union Executive. A 401(k) has strict contribution limits; a SERP is flexible. A supplemental plan makes sense for retaining or rewarding valuable senior staff. SERPs grow in popularity year after year as marketplace competition heats up -- along with the demand for top talent. Read More

Analyze Your Existing SERP

How is your current SERP performing? How good a job is your current provider doing keeping you informed on performance and alternative options? Certain plan providers offer plans with mediocre underlying investments that auto-renew periodically. These investments are often fee-heavy and perform poorly. Read More

Employee Expense Offset

The Credit Union generates income from an investment, and uses that income to offset employee benefit expenses. This type of investment is permissible for Credit Unions under 12 CFR part 701.19 if they use the income to pay for, or offset, employee expenses, or reimburse a sponsor group for expenses. Read More

401k Analysis

When Credit Unions consider the qualified plans they offer their employees, the conversation usually comes around to the same topics:cost and investment options. While the 401(k) is not as expensive as common plans of the past, it is still a high-cost benefit. Apart from cost, investment options are another concern. Value is important. Credit Unions want solid options, great value, and low cost. Read More