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Our Process

The Sheeter Group is an experienced benefits consultancy with a depth and breadth of knowledge of executive benefits, and deep roots in the Credit Union industry. Among the professionals who make up The Sheeter Group are individuals who have been in the industry since the 1980's.

The Sheeter Philosophy is that education is key, and that a clear understanding of plan options makes for a comfortable decision process.

We thrive on taking complex plan designs and products and presenting them to you in a manner in which the Credit Union can make an informed decision. Our goal is to educate each decision-maker on the different plan options available and to walk with them throughout the entire decision-making process. Our guiding mission is to ensure that a customized benefit plan, which fully addresses your needs, is designed and implemented and that the plan is invaluable to both the executive and the Credit Union as a whole.

As a smaller, privately owned company, we work very closely with our clients by not only by working with the board/committee designing the plan from the get go, but also with the day-to-day administration. We believe that having ownership in the process AND in the servicing of these plans will produce the best experience for the client. The consultant who works alongside you during the design process of your plan will also be the one who will service your plan in the years to come. The Sheeter Group has accountants and legal attorneys on retainer to address the needs of our clients. We are quicker to adapt to market and product changes and customize solutions based on our client’s needs.