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Don’t Let Your Credit Union Flatline

With the aging of the baby boomers, we are seeing a tidal wave of credit union CEO retirements.

Despite seeing great progress in the credit union movement, we find that many boards of directors are unprepared and have not planned adequately for a CEO’s pending retirement. Some boards will wait until the day comes and then go into reactive mode.

Progressive credit unions address these transitions years in advance. It involves a comprehensive succession/leadership continuity plan. While many credit unions have an existing succession plan, these tend to be reactive in nature: In case of emergency, break the glass



Tarjamon Relief's Gonzalo Lassally and Will Felder, who served together in Afghanistan in the mid-2000s, -- along with The Sheeter Group’s CEO, Andy Sheeter – share how they have helped many Afghan interpreters and their families escape the country to a neighboring country and then wait for passage to the United States. This interview goes into depth on how these Afghan interpreters risked their lives to help the U.S. Military and how The Sheeter Group’s contribution to the Tarjoman Relief mission has helped these same brave people in return.

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The Sheeter Group works exclusively with Credit Unions creating Executive Benefit Plans to recruit, retain and reward top-notch talent. We also design Expense-Offset Plans and specialized Director benefits.

These are our strengths:

EDUCATION. Your decision-makers move forward with confidence when they are knowledgeable. Get informed in plain English.

PLANS. Your Credit Union is unlike any other. We get it. We offer tailored plans, unique to your Credit Union.

COMPLIANCE. We know what regulators want, today and ongoing. Their preferences can be a moving target and we keep you informed.

SERVICE. Credit Unions leave other providers to come to us. We have never lost a client to a competitor.

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